Hello, we are BACK-YARD Southern Style Seasoning and we're on a mission to remove all things bland from your life, especially food. Because we believe life is too short to live bland.


It all started with a family reunion. You know, those places where we all gather together, just to be reminded why we scattered in the first place? Well, years ago Donald Carroll has a reputation in his family for being a hero of the grill. And so he was asked to cookout for his kinfolk is mass at an upcoming family gathering. But Donald was never really one to do anything ordinary, so he set off with a personal mission to bless his family with something far better than he had ever made before; something...extraordinary. 

His kitchen turned into a culinary laboratory for weeks and weeks where he tried endless combinations and iterations of blends, mixes and spices....until....he had created a real masterpiece. Something even Donald felt worthy of sharing, with the whole 'fam-damily'.   The first time was a hit, but Donald wasn't content. He continued to perfect his heavenly creation year after year - reunion after reunion. Family can be tough critics, but even they agreed he was on to something special. Food just tasted better. Richer. Way more flavorful. Enhancing anything and everything it touched. 


Word spread fast. Far beyond simple family gatherings. Soon Donald was sharing it with everyone he knew - even entering competitions, cooking at large events and other's family gatherings. He was soon convinced that this scrumptious southern family secret needed to be shared with the masses, and so BACK-YARD Southern Style Seasoning was born.  This one-of-a-kind can now be found across the entire country and has blessed the lives of millions across the country, as they too have joined the BACK-YARD movement - to banish the world of bland.