About Us


Hello, we are BACK-YARD Southern Style Seasoning and we're on a mission to bring the taste of the south to your table. Because we believe delicious food brings people together and sits at the center of family, friends, and all Back-Yard gatherings.


It all started with a family reunion. And like all good family reunions do, this family reunion included a weeklong series of backyard BBQ’s. Donald Carroll was hailed in his family as being the ‘hero of the grill,’ so naturally, he was responsible for cooking for the crew. Donald was never one to do anything in an ordinary fashion, so he set off with a personal mission to cook his family something far better than he had ever made before; something super savory, from the south.

His kitchen turned into a culinary laboratory for weeks, where he tried endless combinations and iterations of blends, mixes and spices until he had created a true masterpiece. A seasoning blend even Donald felt worthy of sharing with the whole 'fam-damily'. The spice blend was a hit at the reunion, but Donald wasn't content. He continued to perfect his savory creation year after year, reunion after reunion. Bringing the taste of the south to his family table.  Bringing his family together.


Word spread fast, far beyond the Carroll family gatherings. Soon Donald was sharing the seasoning with everyone he knew, entering competitions, and cooking for other large BBQ’s and events. He was convinced that his secret southern spice mix needed to be shared with the masses and that is how BACK-YARD Southern Style Seasoning was born. This one-of-a-kind seasoning can now be found at grocery stores across the country and has been savored by millions, as they too have joined the BACK-YARD movement, bringing the taste of the south to their family tables and most importantly, bringing their families together.