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BACK-YARD Seasoning 3.45oz 3-Pack Bundle

Why Are We The Best?

  • Low Sodium (kick up the flavor without all the salt!)

  • Easy. Simple. No need to measure. Sprinkle on 'til it looks just right.

  • Good on EVERYTHING. Meat, veggies, pasta, salad, fish, eggs, potatoes & even popcorn! A true all purpose seasoning.

  • 1000+ 5-Star reviews can't be wrong!

We've got options

  • Original flavor. The OG. Our Original savory southern style seasoning will bring the taste of the south to you. Making every meal remind you of a backyard summer BBQ. 

  • Jalapeno flavor (for those who like a little heat on their meat!). Our original savory seasoning plus a little somethin' somethin'! 

  • 3.45 oz. bottle - available in Original and Jalapeno flavor (great for gifting, or putting in your pocket to take to the neighbors barbeque so you can "correctly" season your food under the table when they ain't looking!) 

  • 27 oz. SUPERSIZED bottle - available in Original (perfect for putting in the pantry to have at the ready to season each and every meal!)

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Back-Yard Banter

Time to level up the flavor!

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